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Raymond and I are thrilled with our magnificent goats. They are from a long line of national prize winning goats. All our mohair is from our own registered kid goats raised right here in New Brunswick, Canada. Here, at T-Ray Woollies, we process every fleece that we sell to handspinners ourselves and we stand behind our mohair 100%.
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Hello everyone! This section is about my awesome husband, Raymond and I. We have three kids two boys and one girl. They are all grown up now. Marc is working in Alberta. Lessa is passed away and is sadly missed, and Kenda is married and making her life in Grand Falls with our delightful grandchildren. Vance lives in Drummond. We have - as Raymond says - "a whole bunch of angora goats!"
    Raymond, my favorite person in the whole wide world, is a farmer/mechanic. He plants potatoes, hay and grain with his dad. He does custom mechanics for other farmers around here. He is very talented and is probably the only mechanic who would not refuse to work on an old '67 Dodge truck or any Oliver tractor. (He really is an Oliver fanatic!) He built himself a sawmill. If he is working on something and he can't find parts for it, he'll make them on his lathe. He is exceedingly humble so he may demur when he reads this. (Raymond, the people need to know.) When he is not working on the farm I can find him in the barn with our goats. Or tinkering in the shed.
    Raymond, I thank God everyday for allowing you to be part of my life. You are my inspiration - my mentor. You are always there for me.
    With your patience and encouragement I come away with new energy. You have made a profound difference in my life each and every day. Thank you, Raymond, for being an unconditional friend and an extrodinary support. You are forever cherished.

As for me, I drive a big ol' yellow school bus. Then there are the goats - Raymond knows where to find me. If I am not knitting up a storm. I am usually playing with the goats and the kid-goats or taking a walk with Dad. When it's shearing time Raymond is the 'Wet Back'. Always gentle and careful, I couldn't ask for a better shearer. I am the one who skirts fleeces, scours the mohair and gets it ready to sell. I also love to sew, knit and spin. I have sewed and knitted all my life. It is a real passion of mine. I don't even remember learning. I remember knitting up a pair of gold colored mittens with white thumbs when I was eight years old. I also remember that it only took a day to make them. I have been spinning for several years now and I really love it. I find it to be very soothing. I sell most of my handspun yarns and I am also the one who knits up the mittens, shawls and socks to sell.
Our family at "The Hugging Tree" in the pouring rain 2003

Every family needs a hugging tree & it should be used often
Dad, Mom, Raymond and Trapper
Inside "The World's Largest Domed Igloo".
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  They're awesome! We just love them!
Our Beloved Daughter, Sister and Grand Daughter Lessa
Within time, this great pain will decrease but the spark that Lessa gave us all will continue to burn brightly. Her kindness and caring, that she lovingly gave so freely, touched everyone and now she is in God's healing embrace. She will be sadly missed.
It was an honor to be your Mom - a gift that I will cherish. You are a beautiful fragile soul, Lessa!
Gentle Raymond consoling Adelaine after her first clip. "She's just a little wee thing. She was upset. When someone is crying, of course, the noble thing to do is to comfort them. There - there baby, it'll grow back."

P.S. He gave her a kiss! (now THAT is a man.)
This is my mom. She's 93 and has dementia. Today mom was having a very hard day. Dolly, my six month old angora goat,  and I decided to pay her a visit to see if we could calm her down and get her to relax. I held Dolly up to her to get Mom's attention and thought maybe Mom would like to pet her a little. Instead she took Dolly into her arms and set her on her lap.This is what happened....