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This stuff is like angel hair! I can't get over how pretty it is! A really special fleece!!
--jayne, the sgt_majorette
"Beautiful, fine, silky mohair, fastest shipping from Canada ever!"
"Spins up fine as silk for your Orenburg lace!"
"If you're starting out on the Russian cashmere
spindle, try the first-clip kid!"
--Reed, JD - New York
Lovely mohair! Would happily buy from these people again!!! Beautiful roving!
--Colley, Larissa
Such nice stuff....
Perfect fibre
--Crockatt, Deborah
Beautiful Mohair!
--Manchester, Kim
I am addicted to these socks...I can't go without them! I was in the middle of having my morning coffee and I had to go change into my mohair socks. I can no longer wear my regular socks! I need a second pair!
--Ouellette, Jeanne d'arc
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